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The admission process for international students requires a few steps. All international students are required to apply for TSA (Transportation Security Administration) for background clearance in order to commence flight training in the US. If you require an M-1 Visa, you must follow the steps below.

Admissions Process

Jacobs Flight Services, LLC is proud to be authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant foreign students via the M-1 student Visa. If you are interested in this opportunity, please review all the instructions below to begin M-1 VISA approval.

Once you fill out the registration form, either fax, email or mail the form to Jacobs Flight Services. Once your application is reviewed and processed, you will be notified on how to process your required deposit. You will receive your I-20 form and student acceptance letter within 48 hours of our acceptance. 

Registration Applications and Forms

The registration application can be filled out online or downloaded in Adobe PDF format along with other reference documentation.

Application for International Students (PDF)           

Declaration of Finances & Affidavit of Financial Support (PDF)

Transportation Security Administration Procedures (PDF)

Pay I-901 Fee 

License Conversions

FAR part 61.75 makes provision for licensed foreign pilots of any ICAO member state to apply for an FAA (US) Private Pilot License, issued on the basis of your foreign license. Here are the steps to follow to apply for and activate your FAA PPL.

1.  Go to this website and download the PDF form:

 Conversion Form Link

2.  Fill out the form and send it to the FAA along with copies of your foreign license, an English transcript of your license (if necessary) and a copy of your medical certificate or endorsement (make sure all documents are current according to your Civil Aviation Authority rules). Send to: Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760, PO BOX 25082, Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0082 or fax the form and documents to (405) 954-9922.

3.  Please put the Miramar Flight Standards District Office as the location where you intend to make application for your FAA PPL.

4.  Allow 60 days for processing the above form, once the FAA has received it either via postal mail or fax. NOTE TO UK PILOTS: The Data Protection Act now requires your permission for the CAA to release any information to the FAA. Please check with the appropriate authorities (CAA) before submitting your 61-75 form to the FAA.

5.  After the FAA has processed your request, they will send you a Letter of Authenticity. You must bring this letter with you when you arrive to Florida. Please make sure you also bring all other pilot documentation with you as well (ie: foreign PPL, English transcript, medical certificate or endorsement, logbook) and a photo ID.

6.  You will need to register for an IACRA account before seeing the FAA inspector here in Florida to get your new FAA Private Pilot License. IACRA (Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application) is the system the FAA uses for an airman certificate or rating. Here are the steps to follow:

A - Navigate to

B - Read through any notices or other important information on the home page.

C - Click the button labeled: "Register" located on the right-hand side of the home page.

D - Click on "Applicant" and then click "Next".

E - The very first question which asks you if you currently hold an airman certificate, click the radio button labeled "No".

F - Fill in all of the personal information, security questions and answers, user name and password, etc. and then click "Register".

You will then be assigned an "FTN": The FTN (FAA Tracking Number) is assigned to you by the FAA after you complete your registration in IACRA. Please record your FTN as it will be required later by your instructor and/or certifying officer. I suggest you write your FTN in your logbook where it will be accessible any-time you need it.

7.  Upon your arrival, we will set up a meeting for you with a local Designated Pilot Examiner. The examiner will then look over all of your documentation and issue your temporary FAA PPL.

8.  You must then complete a flight review with one of our instructors, who will then endorse your logbook. This will activate your FAA PPL as well as giving you a rental checkout for our aircraft.

Please note that this will only convert your license to a US Private Pilot License issued on the basis of your foreign Pilot License, therefore any restrictions you have on your foreign license (example: "no night flights authorized") will carry over to your converted US/FAA License. For a more formal and unrestricted conversion, contact our office.

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