Hangar and Facilities


Jacobs Flight Services provides a professional level of customer service at our local airport that you come to expect at any larger airport. We believe in providing basic or red carpet services passengers and pilots come to expect upon arrival at their detsination or tech stop. 

  • Crew lounging area
  • WSI weather briefing station
  • Fresh coffee and snacks
  • High speed wireless internet
  • Crew car
  • Tiki hut and smoking area
  • Aircraft towing 
  • Lavatory serving
  • Nitrogen servicing
  • External powercart 
  • Ice
  • Hangar *upon availability
  • Grass tie down area
  • Multi service merchant
  • Shower for flight crews
  • Hotel discounts
  • Catering requests with local restaurants

Our location consists of 17,000 square feet of hangar space, grass tie down area and multiple offices. 




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