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Jacobs Flight Services provides a professional level of customer service at our local airport that you come to expect at any larger airport. We believe in providing basic or red carpet services passengers and pilots come to expect upon arrival at their detsination or tech stop. 

  • Crew lounging area
  • WSI weather briefing station
  • Fresh coffee and snacks
  • High speed wireless internet
  • Crew car
  • Tiki hut and smoking area
  • Aircraft towing 
  • Lavatory serving
  • External powercart 
  • Ice
  • Hangar *upon availability
  • Grass tie down area
  • Multi service merchant
  • Shower for flight crews
  • Hotel discounts
  • Catering requests with local restaurants

Our location consists of 17,000 square feet of hangar space, grass tie down area and multiple offices. Whether you are stopping for a quick turn or staying overnight, Jacobs Flight Services is here to make your stop as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

Hours of Operations

JFS is a 24 hour facility open 7 days a week. Normal staffing hours are 0800-1800 so please call us if your plans call for operations outside of these times.

After Normal Staffing Hours

If you have not made prior arrangements with JFS and ramp personnel are not available upon your arrival, please call our 24 hour customer support line at (863) 983-2499. 


JFS monitors the UNICOM 123.05. 

Ground Transportation

JFS can provide courtesy transportation upon availability to local destinations including hotels for crews on overnights. 

Current Rates for Services 


Coming Soon.......

Lav Service

This service is provided for a fee of $50.


Please call us to have catering arranged for your flight. We stock some snack items and drinks, as well as ice. 


Our GPU can be used for engine starts and we encourage this to allow for cooler engine starts. If the GPU is going to be utilized we have to charge a fee as GPUs are expensive. Please let line service or JFS staff know your desire for GPU service so we may plan accordingly. The charge for GPU use is $25.00.

Facility Fees

Our ramp and overnight fees are determined by the services you desire with associated costs as follows:

  • Aircraft less than 5,000 max takeoff weight: daily ramp $10*, overnight $10 per night.
  • Aircraft greater than 5,000 max takeoff weight: daily ramp $35*, overnight $35 per night.
  • Aircraft greater than 20,000 max takeoff weight: daily ramp $50*, overnight $50 per night.

Hangar Space

A limited amount of hangar space is available on a nightly basis. The fee for this ranges from $50-$100 per night depending on the aircraft size. 

Monthly Services

We encourage aircraft owners/operators to base their aircraft with us on a monthly basis or longer. Please contact us directly to discuss the options available. 1-863-983-2499 or email: 




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