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Flying Club Structure

Jacobs Flight Services Flying Club unites a group of pilots with a fleet of aircraft for flight training and recreational flying. Members pay an initiation fee and monthly dues, and in return have access to the aircraft fleet, training facilities and weather facility. Members enjoy modern, well-maintained aircraft and 24-hour aircraft scheduling and availability. Through proper utilization of aircraft, Jacobs Flight Services Flying Club offers planes that are easily scheduled and flown at attractive prices.

Initial Costs

The day you join the Club the initial costs are:
  • $100 initiation fee (all family members in the same household are covered by one initiation fee);
  • First month dues pro-rated to the joining date (all family members in the same household are covered by one dues charge);

Monthly Costs

  • $50 monthly dues;
  • Any aircraft rental/instructor charges you incur.


Office hours are 8:00am – 6:00pm Monday through Fridays and Weekends 9:00am-4:00pm or upon request. For membersʼ convenience, a lock box is provided, whereby aircraft keys and tach/sign-out sheets for flights before and after office hours are placed in the lock box. Members who schedule flights before or after office hours should ask the office staff for the lock box combo for the scheduled flight time. Please note that the lock box combination changes periodically.


Two payment options are available to members. You may “pay as you go”, or choose to put money into your account and fly it off. Statements are run detailing account activity (flight charges, instructor fees and payments, etc.), for the month just ending. Your account is viewable while logged into the Paperless 141 system and tracked in detail for every flight, simulator, ground or any other transaction made. Statements can be mailed or emailed upon request.


All Club flight instructors, full-time and part-time, are independent contract instructors. For administrative convenience, payment for all flight and ground instruction is made through the Club. The instruction rate for private license training is $50/hour, and more advanced instruction is billed at $60/hour and $75/hour for Multi-Engine. To accommodate each student, an instructor is training proceeds, the instructor/student relationship does not progress satisfactorily, the office is available to help with the selected whose instruction schedule most closely matches the times and days the student has allotted for flight training. If, as selection of a different flight instructor.


Aircraft hull damage and personal liability coverage is provided for all Club members whose pilot's license, medical, BFR (or AFR* - see page 3) and aircraft checkout records are current and properly on file in the business office.

If damage occurs, and the pilot-in-command is found to be responsible for the damage, then that PIC/member is responsible for paying the first half of any deductible, with the insurance pool paying the second half of the deductible.


Aircraft, simulators and audio/visual equipment may be scheduled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Schedule access is available by calling, stopping by the office during regular office hours or logging into the Paperless 141 system available on the Jacobs Flight Services website under "login", once enrolled. To schedule an aircraft, the pilot must provide:
  1. the desired aircraft number;
  2. the day of the month desired;
  3. the desired length of time, and;
  4. the pilot's name and member number if by phone
If the aircraft or equipment is available, the reservation is logged. Scheduling may be accomplished as far in advance as desired to facilitate business and vacation travel. If the planned flight needs to be cancelled, the office must be contacted and the reservation deleted to free the aircraft for use by other members. If this is not done, the member may be charged the dry rate (normal rental rate minus the cost of fuel and oil) for the aircraft.

Cross-Country Minimums

There is no limit on the length of cross-country reservations. If an aircraft is scheduled for more than a 24-hour period, a minimum usage of two hours per day is required. If the plane is used less than two hours per day, the Club has the option of assessing the member a dry rate to compensate for each day with less than two hours of use. Weather, mechanical problems and personal concerns are certainly considered in determination of the need to assess a dry rate charge.

Pilot Check Outs

Renters of the Club aircraft will meet Jacobs Flight Services, LLC's insurance minimums as published in the current Club Policies and Procedures. Completion of a writtten quiz and flight to demonstrate proficiency in the aircraft and use of its equipment is required. A Club CFI will complete the check out and sign-off for Club documentation.

Minimum Pilot Requirements

Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA)

Glass panel (G1000,G500,etc.)
  1. Ground school and flight training to proficiency for type pilot certificate held.

Fixed Gear

200hp or less, single-engine fixed gear (C150)
  1. Student pilot's certificate or better
  2. Check out in make and model

Retractable Gear (all check-outs in RG should include 10 landings)

200hp or less, single-engine retractable gear (C-172RG)
  1. Private pilot's certificate or better
  2. 100 hours total time (OR meet increased time in type minimum)
  3. 25 hours retract time OR 10 hours dual make and model
  4. Check out in make and model

* Annual Proficiency Checkouts/AFR (Annual Flight Review) - To promote competency and safety each member on active flying status is required to fly with a Club designated flight instructor for approximately one hour once a year. Done during the same month as the Biennial Flight Review, in alternating years, the proficiency check will be held to the same standard as a Biennial Flight Review. It will be used as an exchange of piloting ideas and techniques, and serves to maintain currency throughout the membership.

While the above paragraphs may not answer all questions that prospective and current pilots may have regarding the Flying Club, it is hoped that the areas addressed answer the most common questions and serve as a brief summary of the club's structure. Call (863) 677-0385 or visit the office for a personal briefing and explanation of the benefits of the Jacobs Flight Services flying club.

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