High Altitude Endorsement

This classroom, aircraft and simulator course is designed to meet the training requirements of FAR 61.31(g1&2). This regulation states that no person may act as pilot in command of a pressurized aircraft (an aircraft that has a service ceiling or maximum operating altitude, whichever is lower, above 25,000 feet MSL), unless that person has received and logged training from an authorized instructor and obtained an endorsement in the person’s logbook or training recorded from an authorized instructor who certifies the person has satisfactorily accomplished the ground and flight training.

Aircraft, Simulator & Classroom Training

  • High altitude aerodynamics meteorology and respirationBrochure
  • Effects symptoms and causes of hypoxia
  • Other high altitude sicknesses
  • Duration of consciousness with supplemental oxygen
  • Effects of prolonged usage of supplemental oxygen
  • Causes and effects of gas expansion and gas bubble formation
  • Preventive measures for eliminating gas expansion
  • Preventive measures for eliminating gas bubbles formation
  • Preventive measures for eliminating high altitude sickness
  • Physical phenomena and incidents of decompression
  • Other physiological aspects of high altitude flight System Integration
  • Aircraft:King Air C90



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